​Here's where the magic begins! Our seedlings kick off their journey in our germination rooms, capable of accommodating a whopping 10,000 crops. These rooms create an ideal and consistent environment, boosting seed germination rates and allowing for year-round cultivation, breaking free from seasonal constraints!

التحكم بالمناخ

​In the heart of our climate-controlled greenhouses, precision agriculture takes center stage. Automation orchestrates the entire growing cycle, yielding high-yield, nutrient-rich crops, meticulously handpicked at their flavor peak. Our programmable controllers keep a watchful eye on conditions, nurturing flavorful and vibrant produce. Explore our sustainable, eco-friendly growth methods below.

Tracked & Traced

​Within our greenhouses, sensors tirelessly measure temperature, humidity, CO2, and light. This constant vigilance empowers us to closely monitor and control environmental conditions. Minute-by-minute tracking of crop health and progress ensures that only the freshest, most nutritious produce makes its way to your table

تسوق الأن !

الزراعة العمودية

Up in the air, our vertical farming takes agriculture to new heights, quite literally! Stacking our crops in layers, we embrace an innovative approach that integrates controlled-environment agriculture. Optimizing plant growth through soilless techniques like hydroponics, we strategically control lighting, air flow, and environmental factors. Growing upwards maximizes space utilization, aligning with our core mission to revolutionize sustainable agriculture and enhance efficiency on the same plot of land.

غرف ومعامل

توفر غرفة الإستنبات بيئة مُحسّنة وموحّدة للبذور، مما يزيد من نسبة الإنبات ويساعد على بداية مثالية للشتلات. غرف معقمة و تحت سيطرة تقنية بالكامل تسمح باستنبات أصعب البذور و أكثرها حساسية .