Tulima Farms

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We partnered with some amazing companies to help us fly higher in the agricultural world!

Move Farms, not food” Freight Farms is a Boston-based agriculture technology company and was the first to manufacture and sell “container farms”

Senmatic develops and delivers innovative tailor-made sensors to enhance safety, control, and sustainable operations for our customers.

WaterTech ranges of high-perform ace reverse osmosis chemicals are based on advanced formulation and include RO membrane cleaners and detergents

LEXAN™ products are lightweight, and energy-conscious, making them an excellent choice for greenhouses. provide 100% natural light diffusion

Signify is the world leader in professionals lighting Signify agriculture lighting can either supplement natural daylight or replace it entirely.

Gigola & Riccardi produces the best devices for cooling and humidification of greenhouses to maximize productivity and profit of the growers

On-site generation of hydrogen peroxide. HpNow offers a comprehensive line of on-site-on-demand  hydrogen peroxide generation solutions

Specializes in textile climate solutions giving plants better conditions to grow. Svensson is the pioneer in climate control through textile-based solutions